Essential rain wear for mobile phones

01 Jul 11
V2Mal Essential Waterproof Pouch with Fogtech and Raincoat FR2

Rain can be an all-too regular occurrence during the British summertime, but now thanks to a new Essential Pack from V2Mal, the weather doesn’t need get in the way of the ride. The Essential Waterproof Pouch comes complete with everything a rider needs to keep a visor or goggles clear during a downpour; five Raincoat sachets to treat the outer surface and a bottle of FogTech™ anti-fog solution for the inside.  

Raincoat: the result of five years development – and extensively tested by the coaches at the California Superbike School – Raincoat is designed specifically to create a robust hydrophobic coating, causing water to bead and run off visors and shields.  Unlike some treatments, Raincoat was created for use with plastic visors and shields and won't degrade anti-shatter properties. It also contains no silicone.

Fogtech: Quickly and easily applied, and ready to use in just five seconds, FogTech™ is an advanced anti-fog treatment designed to help stop visors and goggles misting.
A single application gives up to five days protection and each bottle contains enough for 40 applications. It contains no harmful chemicals and is safe to use on most visor and goggle types, and spectacles too*.

The V2Mal Essential Waterproof Pouch with Fogtech and Raincoat FR2 is available at a recommended retail price of £23.99, and comes in a handy, fully waterproof pouch ideal for keeping mobile phones, keys and other valuables dry.

Call 08700 677 617 or visit the V2Mal shop: for details.

* a very small percentage of high-end prescription glasses have super-hydrophobic or oleophobic coatings. FogTech as with all other liquids, will not adhere to these, but will not harm the coating.

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