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Frequently Asked Questions


Depending upon whether the event is at a circuit, then, yes our previous attendees have found the main circuit websites to be very useful, as there are many suggestions at www.silverstone.co.uk or www.msv.com but please give us a call in the office and we'll be happy to help.

This is usually possible but it can depend on other major events coinciding with our event dates. It is always best to contact Silverstone or MSV directly and they will advise you accordingly.

Camping actually within the circuits is not allowed but there are usually campsites very close by. For further information please visit www.silverstone.co.uk or http://www.msv.com and look at the accommodation options.



Yes we do accept all forms of credit cards but unfortunately we are unable to accept AMEX.



Yes, everyone does. This is not a reflection of your ability or experience, it's just how the School is structured. Level One is the starting point for the techniques that we teach and all subsequent Levels build on the essential skills you will learn at Level One.

Yes you do. No exceptions. See above.

Level One is for everyone. All riders start at Level One, whatever their level of experience, ability and riding history. However, we try our best to group you with riders of similar ability so the difference between the fastest and slowest in the group is as minimal as possible. We teach on track so that we can control the environment but it is strictly a learning school event with the emphasis on technique rather than speed. It is not a track day or track experience and anyone treating it as such will be reminded what they are there for!

Even if you only ever come and complete a Level 1 with us and never come back again we know you'll be a much more confident, more educated cornering rider! However, each Level of the California Superbike School presents five precise technical riding skills, bringing together a complete package of control and confidence - providing you with skills for life. It is a continuous journey of refinement and improvement and when one area improves, often other areas need to catch up. There is always room for improvement!

Each Level takes a full day to complete. Some students decide to book 2 days back to back with us (dependent upon availability) and others choose to do one Level at a time, returning for their next level when they have practised the techniques for a while. It is not a case of passing or failing; after each completed day you'll have an understanding of the techniques and then you are fine to progress on to the next Level.

It's a full day and an early start! We will need you there at 7.00am and you will finish around 5.00-5.15pm (times may vary depending on the circuit).

There are 5 x track sessions each lasting around 20-25 minutes. These rotate with 5 x entertaining and informative classroom sessions and 5 breaks to refresh and contemplate the material.



We provide complimentary tea or coffee throughout the day and we also provide complimentary crisps, fruit and bottles of mineral water to keep you thoroughly hydrated. For lunch, we recommend that you either bring a packed lunch with you or some additional money to purchase food from the circuit cafeteria - please note that the food at the circuits can be expensive and the quality/selection on offer is sadly out of our control.

Yes, we have a shop which attends most of our events. where you can buy all of the latest CSS books and DVD's as well as great CSS merchandise and clothing, Ducati merchandise, back protectors, tyres, StompGrip, TyreDown, R&G bike protectors and lot's of other souvenirs of your day.

Family and friends are more than welcome to spectate on the day, although they are not permitted to sit in on classroom sessions. Circuit entry is free and we ask that all guests report to a CSS member of staff upon arrival to complete an indemnity form and be issued with a spectator wristband. It is a long day so it is probably not a good idea to bring young children and pets are strictly forbidden for health and safety reasons. Please note that children under the age of 16 are not permitted in pit lane or where there are motorcycles moving from one location to another and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Yes, for our on-track events our professional photographer will be discreetly snapping away throughout the day and you will have the opportunity to view and purchase a complete set or individual images, should you wish or in some instances at some of our specialist events they are provided FOC. Please note, when you sign up to our events you agree that Superbike School Ltd, in perpetuity, own the copyright/usage on all of the images taken during the event. Images can be used for your own personal use including putting up on your own website but not for commercial use.

Yes, the circuits have worked hard to provide facilities that are accessible to all. For more information please visit www.silverstone.co.uk, as well as www.msv.com and for information about the other circuits we visit, please check their individual websites for further information.



There are filling stations inside most of the the circuits but check opening times with our staff on the day. Some may only take cash and they are very expensive. A full tank should see you through the school day so the cheapest option is to fill up before entering the circuit.



Yes, no problem. Gift Vouchers come in a gift-able pack and can be purchased for any amount of GBP 25.00 or above. Vouchers can be redeemed against any of our events, hire bikes, books, tyres, clothing or any of our other merchandise. Please call the office for further details on 01327 855553. Gift Vouchers have a usable life of 12 months from date of purchase after which date the voucher lapses. No refund will be given under any circumstances.

Silverstone Circuit is situated on the A43 in between Towcester and Brackley in Northamptonshire. The postcode is NN12 8GX and can be reached easily from M1 J15a or M40 J10. The nearest airports are Birmingham or East Midlands.

Please do not hesitate to call us here at Superbike School on 01327 855553 or email info@superbikeschool.co.uk and we will endeavour to help you as much as we can.



CSS does not require you to have insurance cover in place on the school days. However, whilst accidents at the school are rare, by using your bike on track you do so at your own risk. Although CSS has extensive public liability insurance cover, it is entirely your choice as to whether you arrange insurance to cover damage to your vehicle. It is unlikely that your normal bike insurance policy will cover you for a track event but you should check with your insurer. If you explain that the event is a training day and totally non-competitive, they may extend your cover for an additional charge. Alternatively there are specialist insurance companies who provide track insurance.


License Requirements

* All participants must hold a full valid motorcycle licence (photocard) or an ACU race licence.
* A2 licences are acceptable but only on your own authorised for road bike. With an A2 licence you will be unable to hire one of our own bikes.
* Overseas licences are acceptable as long as it is clear that there is full motorcycle entitlement.

You will need to present your licence at registration when you arrive so please remember to bring it with you. If your licence is away at the DVLA for any reason we have to call them to verify that you have a full licence. BUT YOU WILL NEED TO RING THEM FIRST TO GIVE PERMISSION FOR US TO SPEAK WITH THEM ABOUT YOU. It is a likely to be premium rate number.

Yes, so long as you bring your own bike as our insurance restrictions prevent us from hiring you one of ours.

Yes. However before you attend on track we will need to verify with the DVLA that you hold a full bike entitlement. Unfortunately the DVLA will not tell us any information about you unless you have rung them first on a premium rate number or connect to www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence whereby you can obtain a printout of your details (must be within 24hours of the event). It is always best if you have your licence but all is not lost if you have not - just give the office a ring and we'll be happy to help.

Technically yes if you still have possession of your licence but we would definitely need to see it at registration if on track and no, without a road riding licence you would be unable to ride on the road.

We do not have age restrictions as such but at:-
* Silverstone circuit youngsters holding an ACU licence must have had some race experience before they attend the school and be accompanied by their parent or guardian on the day.
* All Motorsport Vision (MSV) owned circuits anyone under 16 is not allowed to ride and if between 16-18 must have an ACU licence to ride.
* Anyone else must have a full licence or , if applicable, an A2 licence is acceptable on your own bike.

Unfortunately we cannot hire our bikes to minors due to insurance restrictions.


Motorcycle Requirements

No, we train riders on any bike! We have seen scooters, tourers, sports tourers, trail bikes, custom cruisers and classics on our schools over the years. Our school is all about cornering technique so please feel free to attend on whatever bike you like, whether it is a road or track bike. However, we do ask that your scooter is at least 250cc and race bikes are 80cc or above.

We have a fleet of the latest Ducati bikes for hire, including: Panigale V4's or Panigales 959's or the Supersport S. This includes fuel and tyre usage and we have a minimum age requirement of 18 for hiring a bike. You will need to accept one of our crash damage options: either pay a non-refundable sum and reduce the maximum payable to an amount as specified on our Hire Bike page or alternatively pay much larger sum. This second option means, for example, if you drop the bike and just break a lever then we would only charge you for that part and the labour to fit. Don't drop it and no sums are payable. For more details please see the Hire Bike section or give us a call in the office.

We can only accept your hire bike booking with one of the following crash damage options: you can either pay a non-refundable GBP99 and reduce the maximum payable to GBP450 (inc. VAT) or alternatively you can pay a GBP3,000 returnable damage deposit. If you opt for the GBP3,000 returnable deposit and, for example, drop the bike and just break a lever then we'd only charge you for that part plus a small labour charge. Don't drop it and you get your whole deposit back. Please note: we have a minimum age requirement of 18 for hire bikes.

As we will expect you to ride at no more than about 85% of your ability so you have enough attention to learn and apply new techniques, standard road tyres are fine.

Yes if you like but be aware if you need them changed by our mechanic then there will be a small fee.

Yes, we do not mind which tyres you use as long as they are in good condition. On our hire bikes and own staff bikes we use regular treaded Pirelli tyres and manage just fine in all conditions. Be aware that if you need our mechanics help in changing wheels there will be a small fee.

We operate at the circuit advisory noise limits on our school days so it will be fine if the noise level does not exceed 105db at Silverstone (98db on some Bank Holidays).

The following tracks operate static noise tests (subject to change): Cadwell Park operates 105dB, Brands Hatch 102dB, Oulton Park operates 102dB and Bedford Autodrome operates 101dB on our school days. Donington Park uses an on track drive-by noise test of 98dB and Bedford Autodrome 87.5 dB. Most circuits operate drive by microphones to assess the noise. They are all very strict and so we either recommend getting your bike tested at your local garage or by appointment going to the circuit for a test in advance of the day.

If you have a non standard exhaust on your bike, please fit the baffles before attending the school day to ensure that you don't have problems with the noise tests.

If your bike is noise tested and found to be above this limit you will be excluded from the course and no refund or reschedule can be given.


Reschedules and Refunds

It is very rare that we have to cancel an event due to adverse weather conditions. Our events do take place if it is raining and it's a great opportunity to advance your wet weather riding skills. Wet weather is not an acceptable reason for cancellation or postponement of booking.

Our full cancellation and refund policy is as follows:

8. Return of Goods
8.1 If it is agreed that the goods are to be returned:-
a) a Goods Return number obtained from the Seller must be clearly shown on the returned parcels.
b) the Buyer will be liable cost of remedying any damage to the Goods returned where such damage has, in the opinion of the Seller, been caused by the Goods being inadequately packaged by the Buyer or through the Buyer's fault.
c) the Seller reserves the right to make a handling and restocking charge of 25% on Goods which are returned if they were ordered in error or are no longer required. If the goods are faulty or being returned under clause 8.2 then the restocking charge will not apply.
8.2 If you are a consumer and have bought product you have the right, in addition to your other rights, to cancel your contract with Superbike School and receive a refund. You must contact us and inform us in writing of your desire to cancel your contract within 7 working days of receipt of the relevant product(s). You must return the goods to us at your cost and we advise you to ensure the goods are adequately insured during any return journey.

9. Training Services Cancellation (Refunds, Date and Name Transfer)
9.1 In the event that the Buyer is unable to attend a training service and wishes to cancel, the following refund policy will apply:-
a) cancellation within 28 days of the event - no refund.
b) cancellation at over 28 days but less than 42 days of the event - full refund less non-refundable deposit (GBP100 for single training day and GBP600 for two day camps). Subject to 9.1d below.
c) cancellation at over 42 days from the event - refund of all monies paid less a 10% handling charge. Subject to 9.1d below.
d) all transactions paid or refunded by credit card will attract a further credit card surcharge by deduction from sums above.
9.2 In the event that a attendee wishes to transfer to another training service at a later date, rather than cancel:-
a) is not possible within 28 days of the training date unless due to illness, theft of bike, and injury which may be considered for transfer. In all cases proof (doctors certificate or police reference) of the reason for transfer must be made to the satisfaction of Seller before consideration a transfer and will incur a 10% administration charge of monies paid on the original booking.
b) is possible if outside 28 days of training date but an administration fee of 10% will be levied on the original booking.

If you require further clarification, please call the office.

We put customer service and commitment to our students at the heart of what we do. We strive to get it right every time, but occasionally things do not go as planned. If this happens we would like your feedback as not only does it allow us to explain and apologise to you, but it also helps us to improve our product and services.

Please contact the office via the following options:

Telephone: 01327 855553

Email: wendy@superbikeschool.co.uk

In writing to the following address:

Superbike School Ltd
2280 Silverstone Park
Silverstone Circuit
NN12 8GX

To help us investigate your complaint, please provide the following information:

* Your full name
* Date and location of the event you attended
* Your preferred contact details
* Details of your complaint along with the names of any of our staff that you spoke to at the time

All complaints will be responded to within 7 days of receipt. We always endeavour to speak to you in person so that we can investigate your complaint thoroughly and provide the best resolution possible.


Rider Requirements

Absolutely not! We do not impose a maximum age limit at our school, all we ask, whatever your age, is that you have a full bike licence and a willingness to listen, learn and make improvements to your riding.

All riders must wear the following equipment in order to take part in the Superbike School events:
* Full-faced motorcycle helmet in good condition - all helmets worn by riders must comply with current ACU/FIM standards. Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times when riding. Flip-up type helmets are allowed but they must be in the down position when riding on track.
* Leathers in good condition - all leathers must be either a one piece or two-piece suit with a zip all the way around the middle (minimum hip to hip) with no skin visible. We recommend that all riders also wear additional back protection but this is not essential. For the avoidance of doubt, textile clothing is not permitted on our track events and metal knee and toe sliders are not allowed.
Dainese leathers can be hired for the day - just pre-book and pay when you make your school booking. We have most regular sizes available.
* Motorcycle boots (sorry, no lace-up Docs or similar!)
* Leather motorcycle gloves which must fully cover the wrist.

Leathers are a mandatory requirement on track so you really do have to wear leathers to participate.

The expertise of technical, administrative and support staff is available to support any riders with particular needs. If you have any individual learning or physical needs, please contact the office so that we can advise and provide the appropriate support to meet your requirements throughout the programme.