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Welcome to the UK California Superbike School™

Founded by the legendary Keith Code in 1980, the California Superbike School offers a step-by-step method of technique oriented rider training in the art of cornering motorcycles. The four California Superbike School training levels are completed in order with each of the first three levels presenting precise technical riding skills, taught the old fashioned way - one step at a time. Each skill builds upon the last to create a complete package of control and confidence.

We are the number one on-track training School

The California Superbike School has a system that works and with more than 30 years of experience, we are the number one on-track training School in all the worldwide locations we operate. We are a team of dedicated professionals and we guarantee that our effective drills, and our ability to demonstrate and communicate them, will ensure that you learn and improve.

Each of our many riding discoveries over the past three decades cleanly and effectively shatters the targeted barrier or the uncertainty riders experience in their cornering. It doesn't matter what bike you ride, it doesn't matter whether you ride on the road or track and it doesn't matter how fast or slow you ride - if you ride a motorcycle, you can improve.

It's our team that makes the difference

Whichever of our four levels you are attending, everyone is geared to help. Throughout the day your assigned coach will follow you and observe each aspect of your riding. For immediate feedback, specific hand signals are given to you by your coach whilst on the track or pull off with you to give feedback. You coach will also lead you to demonstrate techniques and debrief you after every ride. Every member of staff is focused on your improvement.