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2nd Oct, 2016 Mike Nash
Yesterday (1 Oct 2016) was my first (and 2nd only) trackday since completing L1 to L4 this year.

Just to set the first track day (Pembrey 11 June 2016) was on a GSX1300R K5 in perfect dry conditions. I did ok but was being passed by lots of others in the Novice group and was more than a little unsure of what I was doing.

Yesterday I was on a GSXR1000 K5 in extremely wet conditions & rain with a misting visor, on ContiSportAttack tyres. However, despite my dislike of riding fast on wet roads and having never done a track day in the rain, I found the training at CSS had completely changed things for me!

This time I was much more confident and my lap times were massively improved. This time I was more than holding my own ahead of the other riders - I was the one doing the overtaking! Was it perfect riding? No, that comes with practice; however, I really believe that I am now way ahead of where I would be with the great coaching from the guys at CSS.

I hope to return for another L4 day early in 2017 before going back to the track; this time in the Intermediates group.

26th Sep, 2016 Nick Jesson
Just wanted to thank every one at the California Superbike school for the L3 & L4 course at Silverstone September 2016

Level 3 was about the most fun I have ever had on a bike; in the class sessions Spidey shows you an array of amazing movements on the Bike & the results on the track were sensational for me and surprisingly useful back home on the road.

Level 4 was under the guidance of Martin on the track and Badger with off track video analysis and to my utter amazement they ironed out the things holding me back which gave me a level of control of my bike that I would have thought was completely and totally beyond me !

Spidey, Martin and Badger are coaches at the top of their game, world class in my opinion and the fact that they did their utmost to help us all with absolute commitment shows real dedication on their part, worthy of a lot of respect.

The dedication and commitment of all the staff to ensure the success of the school is outstanding; as a typical example, Mike the track controller assisted by Becky , took their responsibilities for everyone's safety very seriously indeed and that was something I thought about a lot afterwards; they put extra effort into that for us all.

The day was made more enjoyable having the " Mach photography " high quality pictures of your bike instantly available on the screens all day and the video Martin made of my day is a treasured momento.

Wendy bringing the Superbike shop was a very welcome part of the event.

Both mechanics were always really helpful and twice sorted problems with my bike

Reaching Level 4 was a bucket list item for me and it didn't disappoint

We can't wait to attend again next year, it was brilliant !!!

You gotta do it !!!!

7th Sep, 2016 Nick Jesson
Just wanted to thank everyone at the uk California Superbike school for the level 1 & 2 course in August; it was so enjoyable & fun all my worries & fears just melted away; at every stage everything effort was made to ensure you understood, learnt the drills & made progress.

Without doubt the UK CSS is the best organisation I've ever dealt with; every member of staff took great pride in their enthusiastic commitment to making sure everyone got the most from attending & nothing was left to chance. Badger even unloaded my bike from my too high van as I was worried about doing it, you can't imagine how relieved I was that he did that for me

Olly the wrangler made sure I was always in the right place at the right time & in the classroom Gary was brilliant, he amazed me because he solved the main problem I have with my riding that I've struggled with for 57yrs of riding - I think he is a genius !!

Martin the Instructor was fantastic & did everything humanly possible to coach me in the nicest possible manner; he did his utmost to help me & his work rate, total commitment & unending enthusiasm was absolutely inspirational.

Steve the MD was great too & helped sort a few things out for us when we did our booking - he obviously loves the Superbike school !!

I can't thank everyone enough, it was a great honour to have been a student at the school & I'm looking forward to Levels 3 & 4 next week!

23rd Aug, 2016 Mike Annesley
Level 2 August 16th 2016.

Well what a day! One word fantastic, from arrival and check-in to the final debrief brilliant.

The classroom learning makes perfect sense and compliments the track sessions to a tee.

Duncan my instructor was an absolute ace, his on track skill superb. His suggestions allow you to work it out for yourself.

This has to the best money spent on the bike this year.

Thank you team.

17th Aug, 2016 Mike Nash
Levels 1 & 2 completed 15th & 16th Aug 2016.

If I was to tell you how great the experience was, from start to end; how professional yet relaxed & fun the instructors are (in fact all staff members, from the MD Steve Leitch (really nice guy to chat with if you get the chance) to the staff on the food service); how tiring but exhilarating the drills are; how clear and useful the classroom sessions are; and how, despite the perception that the training costs a lot, it is definitely worth paying for - I would be in danger of repeating what everyone else has said below, and I don't want to do that!

Thanks to all the CSS staff - especially my instructors Gary & Matthew (class),'Butch' and 'Badger' (track).

Returning for Levels 3 & 4 in September (hopefully with a smaller more nimble bike than the Hayabusa I used this time!