Event Video

California Superbike School Introduces Video for the 2016 Season

For £95 make a memorable day even more memorable with a personal video from the California Superbike School and MACH Photography.

This is a fabulous opportunity for all Superbike School students to:

  • Relive your day at the school
  • Share with family and friends
  • Use as a benchmark for your riding

This new offering brings together all of the following features:

  • High Definition quality
  • Online download of final media
  • Multiple music tracks to choose from
  • Approximately 3 minute video
  • Delivery within 2 weeks of school day

The Superbike School has negotiated a great rate with MACH Photography to provide every feature of their service at their lowest advertised rate. At £95 this is truly a unique opportunity for Superbike School students to take advantage of.

What to Expect:
Once your slot is booked MACH Photography will reach out to you to confirm your details.

On the day expect the videographer to make contact with you early that morning to reconfirm details and reaffirm the schedule; Which group you will be in; What you're riding, etc.

Then you can go about your business of enjoying your school day. You'll notice the videographer here and there, but he will also be filming others so you shouldn't feel self conscious about his presence. He will not intrude at any point on your learning. You may see him around the paddock, pit and classroom sessions. He will also be out on the track staking out corners for some great shots.

Toward the end of the day he may approach you to ask you a couple of questions, on camera, about your day. This is usually a great way to express how the day has gone for you, but entirely optional.

Then in a couple of weeks you will get an email that your video is ready to download. Simple.

Should you have any questions about the service please do not hesitate to reach out to either the California Superbike School or MACH Photography. There's more information including both an FAQ and a video on the MACH Photography website at: machphotography.com/MACH-TV

The video, although not a student video, has a similar look and feel to how the California Superbike School student videos will look.

You can also reach me, Martin Leitch, at 07482 633 132 or via email at martinleitch@machphotography.com

Things to know:
There are limited spaces available for each group. The plan is to have all slots booked in advance. Only those that have booked will be filmed. Shooting begins on the morning of the school and so we can't produce a video if we don't have footage. Should slots be available on the morning of the school the price difference will be £20.